Post Cards and Letter Mailing for Canadian Realtors and Real Estate Brokers

Realtors and Real Estate brokers – we have a series of competitive offers for all your direct mailing needs.

With the Canadian Real Estate market in our large cities practically on fire, we thought we should put together some packages specifically for your needs. You don’t have time to mess with postcards, letters etc – but your image is important and you need your direct mailings professionally done!

It’s no secret…

Realtors work mostly by referrals (up to 75%). But how do you stay in touch with your client base? Mass emails don’t get read, calling everyone to say “hi” is not practical…  Well – that leaves postal mail.

Our direct mailing solutions for Real Estate Agents and Brokers are effective and budget-friendly. We’ve been direct mailing for over 20 years, we know what we’re doing when it comes to mail!

Real Estate Post Card Mailing Service

Small runs are our specialty. We welcome your business. Post cards have proven very effective for Real Estate agents and brokers and we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver your campaign – anywhere in Canada. Our Print and Mail Postcard service is completely turn-key – we will help you design your post card, print it, ensure your mailing list is Canada Post compliant and mail it for you.


Real Estate Letter Mailing Service

Personalized Direct Mail for Real Estate agents is more and more popular – and that’s because it works! We have a variety of packages to accommodate your needs and budget – from fully personalized mailings, post cards (as above) as well as bulk and flyer mailing. If you’re a Realtor in Canada, we want to do business with you – it’s as simple as that.

We design, print and mail your collateral to your prospects and make it easy for you to conduct such campaigns on a regular basis.

Review our Direct Mail Marketing Checklist and contact us today about our Canadian Realtor Direct Mail packages.

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