Build your customer list

There are many Vet Clinics around and it can be hard for someone to pick one. Direct mail marketing is a proven veterinary clinic marketing tactic, allowing you to put your vet clinic right in the palm of our customer's hand. Everyone loves to get mail, everyone dreads the sight of "25 unread emails".

Designing, printing, and mailing - can all be done by us

We have experience in creating a direct mail campaign that best suits your needs and wants. We have many solutions you can choose from - the most popular is a postcard.

What is most effective?

We recommend a medium to large postcard or a flyer. 

What to include:

  • Pets
  • Picture of your facility 
  • Location 
  • Hours 
  • Contact Info 

Why direct mail marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing has not lost its touch! A low-cost mail marketing campaign is just what your business needs to get more paws walking through your door. We can get a targeted list for you to get the right customers. Get your business out there and get front-of-mind awareness! Send out monthly campaigns reminding about shots and check-ups.