Increase response rates with Data Merge Services

Data Merge Mailings enable you to personalize your messages. These mailings will have dynamic information inserted throughout the message, allowing you to address each recipient by name, instead of “Dear Customer”.

Aside from salutations, other parts of the mailing can be also be personalized, giving the sender even more opportunity to deliver a persuasive message.

Datamerge mail is a very popular and powerful service as its benefits are immediately obvious.

Data Merge Mail is a great solution for:

  • Financial sector
  • Health care sector
  • Charities
  • Fundraising
  • Any mailing where personal touch is beneficial

Carefully prepared data merge mailing with the right amount of personalization and well-written message copy is likely to produce exceptional results, giving the sender a great response rate.

As Data Merge Mail is one of our most popular services, we have developed in-house processes designed to make this service very affordable. We use specialized software that allows for a great deal of automation, making this offering a great solution for any-size business.

Take advantage of our affordable rates and experience in composing, preparation and delivery of your next mailing – your direct mail is important and it deserves the best attention you can give it!