Cost-effective and timely processing & delivery of mailing within Canada

Lettermail is the most convenient and cost-effective way to send addressed personal messages, business correspondence, invoices, and billing statements within Canada.

Lettermail can be anything a person or business chooses to mail at Lettermail prices as long as it meets the conditions and requirements for acceptance as defined by Canada Post.

Micro Mailing Canada has assisted many businesses in collating, addressing and preparation of Lettermail to ensure timely processing and delivery.

Lettermail is the most convenient way to mail

  • Receipts or invoices
  • Post cards
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Notices
  • Product or service information
  • Financial statements

We can help you get the most out of your lettermail campaign in Canada by providing recommendations on best practices to save you money and reach your campaign goals.

Sizes and Dimensions:

Standard is mail that has a maximum length of 245 mm and a maximum height of 156 mm, weighs 50 g or less, has the correct postal code, and meets the criteria for Standard Lettermail.

Non-standard is smaller than the minimum size of standard Lettermail, can weigh up to 500 g and does not meet other standard criteria.

Over-sized is mail whose size and/or thickness exceeds those of Standard items, up to a maximum length of 380 mm and a maximum height of 270 mm, and whose maximum weight is 500 g.

Other restrictions are imposed by Canada Post on Lettermail services – benefit from our experience and competitive rates to make your direct mailing a success every time.