Direct Mail Marketing for Educational Institutions

Education plays an important part in one’s life. From kindergarten all the way through college/university and even daycare and pre-school, it is apart of most of your childhood life. That's why choosing the best educational institution is so important. It is a powerful recruitment tool that you can use to boost your population.

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Some Inspiration...

Graduating high school students: With direct mail you can target local graduating students and send them a postcard inviting them to come visit the campus, filled with a picture of your campus with students having a good time, some of your key benefits of why they should come to visit you. Do this every year!

Acceptance letters: Acceptance letters have to be one of the best letters to get in ones lifetime. Make them fun with our dimensional admail services and shareable on social media to help get the word out about your school.

Alumni: Your alumni have spent many hours in your facilities. Keep them in the know and involved in your community. Send out a newsletter, promotions made especially for them, invitations to events etc.

Daycare & Pre-Schools: Attract new parents to sing their children up for daycare or pre-school. Send out campaigns every so often to keep front-of-mind awareness so when they are ready, they will come to you!

What is most effective:

We recommend a medium to large postcard or flyer.

Why direct mail marketing?

Direct mail gives a sense of trust, lasts longer and gets noticed more than any other marketing tactics. Contact us about starting your direct mail campaign today!


Firstly, check out the Direct Mail Marketing Checklist then contact us to see how you can generate a bigger customer base with direct mail marketing.

What to include:

  • Pictures of your facility/students
  • Details about the programs you offer
  • Information about your organization
  • Map and Admissions contact information
  • Website

Encourage students to join your exceptional institution with direct mail marketing. Increase awareness about your school and your educational mission, and with different options to choose from your just one step away from success. Launch your campaign by contacting us today!