If you want to be the #1 Dry Cleaner in town, make sure everyone knows about your business! A great marketing solution for this is a direct mail campaign. Get fast attention and grow your customer base!

We specialize in campaigns for Dry Cleaners & Laundromats

Direct mail is an amazing marketing strategy due to the fact that the message has to be seen. Unlike your inbox, your mailbox isn’t piled up with over 50 emails about the latest promotion. There are many dry cleaning shops in town that people can choose from, so make sure that they chose you over the nearest competitor. We can help you with designing, printing and mailing your campaigns.

Drive your business with these ideas

A Fun Postcard 

Postcards have the ability to catch the attention of your readers because of their size, colours and bold text. They are a great marketing tactic that works and is affordable to do. Here’s some fun things you can do with a direct mail postcard campaign:

  • Coupon – offer 1 free item dry cleaned or a discount on a number of items
  • Show off your location & pricing
  • Winter coats are difficult and a pain to wash – offer a promotion to dry clean them
  • Show off your primary service with a promotion attached

A Colourful, Vibrant Flyer 

Flyers can get fit more information than a postcard. They are easy to read and attract a readers attention.

  • If you are new in town, include all the information with a promotion into a flyer! This will drive customers and get the word out about your business.
  • Have a loyalty program? Advertise it in a flyer to bring in loyal customers.
  • Busy lives = no time for laundry, let your customers know you can do your laundry for them.

We are experienced

Our procedures, processes, and workflows are compliant with all rules and regulations (and let me tell you – there are plenty of them!). This means your postcard mail campaign has the best chance of delivery and you can rest assured that all “I”s are dotted and “T”s are crossed. It’s better to have a professional on your side (but you already know this – you are one!)

Get in touch with us about improving your marketing and extending the reach of your dry cleaning business with a postcard mailing campaign and we’ll help to make your campaign a success! Use code LAUNDRYLIST to receive 10% off* your first direct mail campaign!

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