Direct Mail Marketing for a Subscription Club

A results-driven industry deserves

a result-giving marketing campaign

Subscription clubs are such convenient way for you to check out new products monthly, watch TV shows and movies and so much more! With so many options available and so many new subscription clubs popping up, it can be hard for a consumer to choose which one. To catch their attention you can use methods such as Google Ads or social media, but the best way to get their attention nowadays is through a traditional marketing method-direct mail.

Letter with title micro mail canada



Not only is the most cost-effective marketing tactic, but it also has extreme power that can help you target the customers you want. Mailing to every household is easy and has a good ROI because you send to the right time. Running campaigns frequently can help boom your business.

What is most effective:

We recommend a small to medium postcard or flyer.

Why direct mail marketing?

Postcards are eye-catching and the most economical allowing you to increase your ROI. Postcards are affordable to send out and attracts customers to respond to your marketing efforts.


Firstly, check out the Direct Mail Marketing Checklist then contact us to see how you can generate a bigger customer base with direct mail marketing.

What to include:

  • Images that will capture attention
  • Your services
  • Testimonials
  • Current mortgage options and rates
  • Contact information and business and professional accreditations

The financial service industry has a huge advantage over any other industry in being successful with a direct mail marketing campaign. There are so many options to choose from, contact us to see your options!