If you are new in town, just updated your menu or simply looking to bring more customers to your establishment – direct mail marketing can bring footsteps in the door.

People are always looking for new places to eat at

People are always celebrating a birthday, milestone, or go out just because. They want to explore new restaurants and food. So, why not create an option to bring them to you with a direct mail marketing campaign?

These campaigns have many benefits to grow your business:

  • You can target the people who will most likely come to your restaurant
  • Direct mail has less competition when it comes to the quantity that the receiver gets, compared to email marketing
  • Direct mail is more reliable and trustworthy- with all the rules against spam for email, you know that your postcard will make it into the inbox
  • Direct mail messages last longer

Some ideas for inspiration…

  • Send out your menu in a brochure 
  • Send out a coupon in a postcard 
  • Send out a magnet to keep front-of-mind awareness
  • Add humor by including funny sayings, i.e “Next time your girlfriend doesn’t know where to eat, come to us”
  • Put a scrumptious picture in front of them

We are your one-stop shop

A direct mail campaign needs a foundation and a key. The foundation is a healthy, clean address database. By healthy and clean we mean accurate addresses that meet the addressing and labeling guidelines. The key to any direct mail campaign is to have an eye-catching design. We offer design services and take our years of experience to design your direct mail campaign. With these two ingredients, your direct mail campaign will be the talk of the town. After they are done, we print and mail your postcards!