Flowers give lots of meaning to the recipient. Whether it is an act of love, sympathy or just because, the joy that the recipient gets is beyond words.

Flowers and Direct Mail have so much in common!

Both flowers and direct mail bring joy to the recipients. A direct mail recipient doesn’t have to go through 50 emails to get their coupon to their favourite store, and a flower recipient will enjoy the beauty and aroma of flowers.

Some ideas for inspiration


Postcards attract customers and strengthen relationships. Grab peoples attention and work the relationships you have already started.

  • Let your customers know that you are the place to get their floral arrangements for special holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.
  • Advertise a promotion and send them a coupon!


Create more brand awareness for yourself and show off all your arrangements and products. We can help you print, mail and fulfill your catalog campaign to your customers.


Flyers allow for information is easy to read and catches the attention of the reader. Here’s what you could do with a flyer campaign:

  • Show off all your popular products
  • If you are new in town, tell customers exactly where you are and everything about your store!

A long history, just like flowers

Giving flowers has been a tradition for a long time. Direct mail is an older marketing technique, but just like flowers it hasn’t lost its touch! Another thing direct mail and flowers have in common is the personal touch. Connect with you customers just like your flowers connect with the person they are given to.

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