Direct Mail for Charities & Nonprofit Organizations


Help More People, Share Your Cause

with Direct Mail Marketing

Most traditional marketing methods leave non-for profit organizations frustrated with empty pockets. At Micro Mailing, we aim to give you the most cost-effective solution for your direct mail campaign. It is known as one of the best ways to increase your donation and awaremess for your charity. Direct mail is highly targetable compared to other types of mass communications. People nowadays are more likely to look at postcard, than to open an email that is, jumbled in the other 50+ promotional emails they got that day. With nonprofits depending on the support and donations of others, direct mail is your most quick and valuable marketing solution.

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There are 85,000 registered charities in Canada (source: and 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations in the United States (source: With so many charities for people to choose from, direct mail can make a huge impact on your charity if done right.

What is most effective:

We recommend a small to medium postcard or flyer.

Why will it work?

  • Attract first-time visitors
  • Re-engage past visitors by connecting with them
  • Inspire people to make a difference with your charity
  • Drive donations
  • Help people understand your charity's organization goals
  • Keep your donors in the know where their money is going i,e research


Firstly, check out the Direct Mail Marketing Checklist then contact us to see how you can generate a bigger customer base with direct mail marketing.

What to include:

  • Images that will capture attention
  • Your services
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information and business and professional accreditations

Reach more people to join your cause with the help of direct mail marketing campaigns. Share your charity and nonprofit organization’s vision to the world, and watch it succeed with a results-driven campaign. Choose between the many campaign options we have available. Contact us today!