Whether you are a known jeweler or a small shop, you should take advantage of the benefits of a direct mail campaign.  Imagine your customer list with the same value of a diamond!

Send the most known marketing communication method

Just like diamonds, a direct mail campaign is familiar with your receivers as it has been used for years. With new marketing methods, people have never before been more excited to receive mail. So, why not feed off of that excitement and show off your business and promotions? We can design, print and mail your campaign. We are experienced in all aspects of a direct mail campaign.

Some ideas for inspiration


The most well-known direct mail medium of all! A postcard is a versatile, eye-catching, and affordable marketing solution for your business. Here are some things you can do with postcards:

  • Advertise for clients to bring in their gold for cash
  • Have a monthly promotion? Let everyone in the community know about it
  • Send out a Season’s Greetings card with a promotion


Everyone gets excited when they get something free. Samples are a strategic tactic in bringing in more business. They increase brand awareness and increase traffic. Some fun samples to mail could be:

  • A jewelry cleaning cloth attached with a jewelry cleaning promotion
  • A ring sizer measuring type so that a future fiancee will get the right ring size
  • Or go simple with a mini calendar or magnet with your branding!


Flyers are easy to produce and fit more information than postcards. At the same time, all the information is easy to read and catches the attention of the reader. Here’s what you could do with a flyer campaign:

  • Show off all your popular products
  • If you are new in town, tell customers exactly where you are and everything about your store!

Highly Flexible & Targeted

Some may think that a direct mail campaign is limited and goes to too many people that may not be interested in the services. Direct mail is actually very flexible in what it can do. For example, you can make a multi-medium marketing campaign, or send a jewelry cleaning cloth sample to promote your store. Direct mail can also target your customers so you can get new, qualified customers walking through your door.

Get in touch with us about improving your marketing and extending the reach of your jewelry business with a postcard mailing campaign and we’ll help to make your campaign a success! Use code SHINYDIAMONDS when contacting us to receive 10% off* your order!

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