In a healthy savvy world, it is a great opportunity to get your fitness center heard and known. With direct mail, you can target potential customers within your local community to get them aware of your facility. A low-cost way of getting the whole neighbourhood talking.

Why Direct Mail still works?

Direct mail works because the receiver has to look at it. It doesn’t get buried in hundreds of emails, you can’t change the channel while watching it and you can’t turn the volume down. It is a marketing medium that can’t be slowed down in its coming ages.

What kind of Direct Mail Campaign would we recommend?

We would recommend the most popular means of direct mail, which is the postcard. Postcards are fun, vibrant and eye-catching. They get the point across and are very successful. Postcards are very versatile in what they can do. There are many other direct mail options you can choose from that may better suit your needs. You can always contact us to figure the best solution for you!

How can I get started with a Direct Mail Campaign?

Firstly, determine your goal for the campaign. Then, we can work together in finding the best way to achieve your goal! Contact us for a quote and let’s get started!