Making Direct Mail Work in Today’s Digital World

Direct mail is alive and well!

You hear it everywhere “direct mail is dying”.

So let’s take a look at the statistics*:

  • Since 2004, direct mail marketing response rates are UP 14%, while email marketing response rates are DOWN 57%.
  • In 2010, US companies increased sales through direct marketing to the tune of $702 billion.
  • Advertisers in the US spend $167 per person on direct mail, earning $2,095 worth of goods sold. That’s a 1,300% return on investment.
  • Non-profits gain 78% of their donations from direct mail.


The stats say it all – direct mail is alive and well!

It’s true that the volume of mail has decreased in recent years (hence Canada Post’s move away from home delivery), but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of direct mail advertising and it’s benefits.

The improved ability to segment recipients has led to more specific targeting and a move away from the traditional “mass mailing” approach. Which ultimately means that direct mail is still a viable medium for yielding positive results.

Direct mail still gives businesses the opportunity to create one-on-one connections with prospects – because everyone likes to receive hard-copy mail.

Direct mail gives businesses the opportunity to target their advertising dollars on those most likely to respond and can be used for a range of purposes, including promoting a product or learning more about the customer.

Tips on succeeding with direct mail:

  • Feature an offer prominently on the front of the ad to boost readership and response. Choose the format, list and offer for the highest return on investment, rather than the lowest cost. Then track responses to measure the mailing’s effectiveness.
  • Include mobile barcodes, certificates and product visuals to engage the recipient. Use the mailing to ask customers what they want or need. However, be careful to avoid overwhelming the reader with too much copy or graphics.

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