Micro Mailing Canada has been helping US-based publishers and direct mail advertisers process and distribute their mailings bound for Canadian addresses for the past five years.

We are physically located in close proximity to the largest Canadian urban center (Toronto) and one of the main Canadian mail distribution points extending your company’s reach beyond US borders with ease. Our unique specialty has been received with great enthusiasm and we have processed many US direct mail to Canada campaigns to date.

Our bulk mail services are specifically designed to eliminate those costly processing fees, so let our team of direct mailing professionals coordinate your next bulk mailing to ensure you’re maximizing your ROI.

US-based Direct Mail Canada

US publishers and advertisers find our direct mail service an excellent and cost-effective vehicle for reaching Canadian audiences, allowing a greater market exposure resulting in better sales.

If you are a US-based company looking to expand your marketing efforts into Canada, we can offer you a custom direct mailing package to help you. Whether it’s advertising, publishing or business correspondence, we can offer you direct mail Canada Post prices that are far more attractive than mailing via USPS!


Distribute your Canadian mail with us to enjoy:

  • Great savings
  • Competitive prices
  • Custom-tailored packages
  • Excellent processing rates
  • Timely delivery
  • Tax advantages

We have also established unique processes specifically designed for US publishers that will ensure timely and accurate delivery of your mail to your Canadian recipients.

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Think of us as your Canadian partner – take advantage of our experience, knowledgeable staff and our state-of-the-art facilities to distribute your next direct mail Canada campaign!


Whether  your direct mail piece is promotional or non-promotional, addressed or unaddressed, a single copy publication or multi-copy publications our trained direct mail team can provide you with the BEST options for mailing success within Canada and help guide your mail to the doors of your subscribers, donors, prospects, members and customers.

Direct Mail & Fulfillment Services - Canada
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Direct Mail & Fulfillment Services - Canada
Save and increase your direct marketing campaign ROI with our Direct Mail Canada services. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.
Micro Mailing Canada