Whether you’re a big or small publisher, or if you publish every week or only twice a year, Publication Mailing can get your publication right where you want it – in your readers’ hands.

Save your precious time and let us handle the preparation and distribution of your publication to your Canadian customers. We have the staff, technology, equipment and experience to handle any size job.

US-based Publication Marketing in Canada

Whether it’s for advertising, publishing or business correspondence, we’ll help you get the results you need, at the best rates!

Distribute your Canadian mail with us to enjoy:

Use Publication Mailing  Services for:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Any periodicals published at least twice a year
  • Great savings
  • Competitive prices
  • Custom-tailored packages
  • Excellent processing rates
  • Timely delivery
  • Tax advantages
  • More!

If you’re a US-based company and you want to make the Canadian market part or your next Direct Mail Campaign, or are looking for a new direct mailing service provider, contact us today!

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It is best to contact us before undertaking a Publication Mailing campaign for the first time.

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Publications Mail allows you to stay connected to your readers by delivering your publication to current subscribers, non-subscribers, and new dealers, helping you to boost your circulation.

To be considered Publications Mail, your publication must:

  • Be in the format of a newsletter, newspaper or magazine
  • Consist of a single publication or bundle of publications going to a single address
  • Be published with a regular frequency and at least twice per year
  • Contain news and information intended for public dissemination
  • Contain over 70% advertising in more than half of the issues delivered in a 12 month period.

Publications Mail Delivery Guidelines:
Local: 3 business days
Provincial: 4-5 business days
National: 4-13 business days

US Publication Mailing Services in Canada
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US Publication Mailing Services in Canada
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