A clean, updated database is the foundation of a  successful direct mail  campaign!

Customer supplied mailing addresses are processed through our special validity software. This software is Canada Post approved and updated each month.

Its primary function is to check the mailing list for address validity. It will attempt to correct the addresses for missing postal codes, streets, city or province etc., wherever possible. It will also check for any duplicate addresses, and delete them if desired. In short, our program cleans up the mailing list database or file.

Our knowledgeable staff and investments in latest technologies are our greatest assets

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Once the list is validated, it will sort the address file and assign special codes for the distribution. These codes become part of the destination address. At this point, our address correction service software will produce a number of reports, like bag and bundle report, validity report (in %), postage required, and a variety of distribution reports.

Once this is done and the mailing list has gone through the validation process, we will then inkjet the addresses on envelopes or labels. Along with the addresses, all of the codes as required by Canada Post are also inkjet as part of the address.

We then proceed to package all of the items to be mailed. Once packaged, the bundles are made and put in mailing bags. Every bundle and the bags are assigned a number generated by the program. All of the bags are put in large steel bins and shipped to Canada Post via truck.

Our meticulous attention to detail in processing your mailing results in speedy service and excellent responses. The state of the art technologies we use will not only save you money, but also help keep your mailing list current and accurate.

Let us show you how cleansing your mailing list can improve your direct mail campaign results.
Inkjetting & Address Correction Service GTA
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Inkjetting & Address Correction Service GTA
Our inkjetting and address correction service procedures established over the years ensure your direct mail will be delivered.
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