Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Over the past 20 years we helped many Canadians with their direct mailings. The most successful direct mail campaigns always paid particular attention to a number of points – we thought it would be useful to summarize them below so that you can use them for your direct mailing campaign, whether it’s mailing business Post Cards, Dimensional Admail or Catalog Mailing.

Your Goals

Obviously you want your campaign to accomplish something. Write down a short prioritized list of what you expect your campaign to do.

Consider Your Audience

You need to see your mail piece through the eyes of your recipient. Your copy should probably use a different approach towards a current customer versus a potential prospect. Detailed knowledge of who you’re talking to dictates how the mail piece is designed, how the content is composed, graphics and even the timing of your mailing.

Mailing List

You need to trust your list. Is it your own? Is it a 3rd party list? Your ROI depends on the quality of the list. Are you reaching your best prospects? Is your list up-to-date and technically accurate? Let us review your list and “scrub” for addressing and syntax mistakes – we use specialized software approved by Canada Post to keep mistakes to a minimum.

Your Design

Creative design for your next direct mailing is also very important. If you’re new to this, ensure that your design does not drown out your message. Make sure the message is clear with a clearly stated CTA (Call To Action). All too often designers get carried away with fancy designs and eye-candy, forgetting the point of the mailing.

Your Content

Don’t assume people know who you are, unless you’re one of the larger, recognized brands. See your content though their eyes and be sure you answer their question – “What’s in it for me?”

Your Offer

The “What’s in it for me?” is what the reader wants to know. Within seconds they’ll make the decision whether they will keep reading or toss it in the blue box. Make sure your offer is clear, attractive and easy to act upon.

Call to Action

Your Call to Action should be clear and simple. Some people take this too far and have an overwhelming number of “todos” on their mailing. “Call now!” “Visit” “Act before time runs out!” “Limited time!” “Limited seating!” etc etc. Most successful campaigns are to the point, with clear messaging.


Outside of the obvious, like mailing gardening deals in the dead of winter, you should give some thought to the timing of your mailing. Not your timing – your audiences timing. This may be obvious common sense, but it’s not always the case.

Measuring Effectiveness

Finally, establish some sort of criteria of how you will measure success? Mailings often include dedicated URLs or disposable (local) phone numbers, specific to the campaign, which will help you measure response.

We are well-versed in helping you with ANY of the above – get in touch and let’s get your direct mail campaign going!

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