To qualify as Publications Mail, newspapers, magazines and newsletters must be:

  • mailed in Canada and addressed to a subscriber, non-subscriber or news dealer anywhere in Canada;
  • published at a regular frequency of at least twice a year, with an intent to publish issues indefinitely with continuity from issue to issue;
  • individual copies or Bundles of Unaddressed Copies;
  • mailed under a valid Agreement Number and, if applicable, Registration Number;
  • within the minimum and maximum dimensions established by Canada Post; and
  • properly prepared and/or presorted in accordance with Canada Post.

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A Publications Mail piece, including all enclosures (inserts and outserts), must be produced with less than 70% space devoted to advertising in more than 50% of the issues in any 12-month period (advertising and editorial content must be distinguishable from one another).

For example, 7 out of 12 monthly issues must each contain more than 30% editorial content, including enclosures.

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An enclosure may be inserted or outserted editorial and/or advertising printed matter or promotional material, which is included with the host publication. Customers often use enclosures for such purposes as to increase their subscriber base and to generate new leads and advertising revenue.

Double, extra and special editions are considered as one issue of the host publication provided that these copies are clearly branded with the title logo of the current host publication. Extra and special editions may be enclosed and priced with a current issue of the host publication or mailed as separate host publications. Back issues must be enclosed with a current copy of the host publication in order to qualify as Publications Mail.

Publications produced in more than one language (even if they are a direct translation) are considered separate host publications, unless they are bound together under one cover.

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We cannot stress the importance of proper mail preparation – poorly prepared Publications Mail can result in Canada Post surcharges and unnecessary delays. Let us help you – contact our Representatives today.


Whether you’re a big or small publisher, or if you publish every week or only twice a year, Publications Mail can get your publication right where you want it – in your readers’ hands.

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