Publications Mail is a great way to link publishers with their readers! We are the distribution service of choice for delivering news and information to many Canadian addresses.

Whether you’re a big or small publisher, or if you publish every week or only twice a year, Publications Mail can get your publication right where you want it – in your readers’ hands.


We deliver individual copies to subscribers as well as bundles of unaddressed copies to newsstands or other bulk receivers according to established service standards.

Publications Mail is an effective vehicle for carrying advertising enclosures to a motivated target audience, including free standing inserts, samples, promotional and novelty items.

Use Publications Mail for:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Any periodicals published at least twice a year

Not all publications can be mailed using our the publications mailing service.
Some exclusions are: handbooks or manuals, street, telephone or other directories; catalogs; business, commercial, technical, stock or price listings; annual, quarterly or other regular-frequency reports on financial performance; transcripts of proceedings or by-laws and others.

Also in this section:

It is best to contact us before undertaking a Publications Mail campaign for the first time.

If you are already using Publications Mail and would like to be pleasantly surprised with our quote:


To be considered Publications Mail, your publication must:

  • Be in the format of a newsletter, newspaper or magazine
  • Consist of a single publication or bundle of publications going to a single address
  • Be published with a regular frequency and at least twice per year
  • Contain news and information intended for public dissemination
  • Contain over 70% advertising in more than half of the issues delivered in a 12 month period.

Publications Mail Delivery Guidelines:

  • Local: 3 business days
  • Provincial : 4-5 business days
  • National: 4-13 business days
Canada Post Approved Publications Mail Services
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Canada Post Approved Publications Mail Services
Processing & distributing magazines, newsletters & books through mail has never been easier with Canada Post Publications Mail.
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