When Customers use Publications Mail they are assured access to every address across the country. Our sales team can respond quickly to customers’ concerns and questions because we understand the industry. We consult regularly with customers, and conduct research in the marketplace to stay on top of industry trends and developments. When it comes to delivering periodicals, Micro Mailing Canada is the distributor of choice and Publications Mail the preferred service in Canada.

Publications Mail is newspapers, magazines and newsletters which:

  • are mailed in Canada and addressed for delivery within Canada;
  • are produced for the purpose of public dissemination of news and information;
  • are published at a regular frequency of at least twice a year

Publications Mail – Getting Started

Publications Mail includes:

  • Newspapers in print form, containing news, articles of opinion, features and usually advertising in a bound or unbound broadsheet or tabloid format. Newspapers are usually printed and distributed daily or weekly.
  • Magazines in print form containing miscellaneous pieces such as news, articles, features, and usually advertising.
  • Newsletters in print form, non-promotional in nature, containing news or information of interest to a membership, special interest group or association, which are usually in the form of printed sheets, pamphlets or small newspapers. Newsletters may include some advertising.
  • Publications subsidized by the Department of Canadian Heritage (DCH) under the Publications Assistance Program (PAP)

 A Publications Mail piece is comprised of:

  • a host publication,
  • a host publication and enclosures, or
  • a Bundle of Unaddressed Copies.
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