At Micro Mailing Canada we have been helping businesses with their bulk mail printing and distribution needs for the past five years. From mailing catalogs, periodicals, brochures and bulk mail to presorting and polybagging – we are confident we can accommodate all your mass mailing needs from concept to completion at a price that even the smallest business can afford.

Know your RFM

This stands for “recent purchase,” “frequency” and “monetary profile.” Before developing any campaign, you should know when each customer on the mailing list last purchased a product from you or a competitor; how often that customer buys your product or similar offerings; and what amount she tends to spend for the product or services.

Target your audience

Experts agree that one of the most important elements of every direct mail campaign is the mailing list itself. In fact, it is estimated that the quality of your mailing list represents at least 40% of your mailings’ success!

Specializing in:

  • Retail
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Legal, paralegal
  • Real estate
  • Charities
  • Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Import / export
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Travel

Provide real incentives

Direct mail works by getting your prospect to respond to an offer. That could mean a sale coupon, a free trial or sample, a guarantee of service or money refunded, a special deal for a certain time period, or some other reward for taking action. When you go cheap on your offer, you waste marketing dollars. Nevertheless, incentives don’t always require a hefty expenditure of profit or inventory. Time truly is money nowadays. Offer time-savers or head-of-the-line luxuries or special shopping experiences as incentives.

Test before you get rolling

Pass around a sample copy of the mailing to others and ask for comments. From layout to colours to copy and presentation – all of it is critical to the success of your mailing.

Set appropriate goals and track results

What are you planning to accomplish with your mailing? How will you measure success? Has your last mailing produced desired results? How is this mailing better? Honest answers to all these questions will allow you to establish clear goals and objectives. After the mailing, devise a reliable way to track your results and prepare for your next one.

Find a reliable mailing and fulfillment house

Last but not least, you need a good and reliable mailing house. Hiring a direct mail processing facility can save you money, provide advice on postal regulations and let you concentrate on your core business. Many marketers skip this important step and fail. We have been helping many businesses with planning and executing direct mailing campaigns – take advantage of our experience and dedication and consider us for your mailing needs. Get in touch with us today!


CHECK THIS OUT: Canada Post’s Direct Mail FAQs

Planning Direct Mail Advertising Campaign
Article Name
Planning Direct Mail Advertising Campaign
These planning steps will ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign is a success!
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