Can you offer us the lowest postal rate for our mailing project?
Yes. We use Canada Post’s approved sortation program to calculate the best possible rates.

Can you provide a database for my mailing?
No. However, we can get you in touch with specialty companies who supply a variety of databases to suit your specific purpose.

Can you merge/purge/dupe-eliminate my database?
Yes. Also, we can also correct your addresses for accuracy.

Could you help us with printing of our mailing material?
Yes. While we do not do major printing, we can help you with printing of envelopes, brochures and post cards, etc. at a highly competitive price.

Do you do laser printing of variable data?
Yes. We can also personalize each mailing piece.

Can you guarantee complete confidentiality in handling our mailing project?
Yes. We go out of our way to protect our client’s confidentiality. You will have our written assurance for your satisfaction.

Once a year we put out a product catalog. Would this qualify for reduced rate mailing?
Yes. Addressed Admail allows you to mail this provided it meets Canada Post requirements.

We do not have an account with Canada Post. What is involved in this process?
You need to get in touch with a Canada Post sales representative. Usually this requires filling out an application form giving some details of your company. We can help you with this process.

Is polybag mailing more expensive than a printed envelope?
No. In most cases you will save money with a polybag mailing. We can offer you solutions to minimize your mailing costs.

We are a charitable organization. Could you help us in organizing our direct mail fundraising campaign?
Yes. In fact we can offer you solution which will not only save you funds but also optimize your fundraising results. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Mailing
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Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Mailing
Helpful questions & answers about your next direct mail campaign.
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