Circulation manager of a publishing company calls on Monday to confirm that this month’s mailing will be ready on Thursday for processing. On Tuesday, we get the finalized customer data via e-mail. This month’s list has approximately 12,600 addresses. Same day we receive brochures to be included with the mailing (outsert) from two of their advertisers. We are expecting one more outsert to be received from the U.S.

Typical mail campaign workflow case study

On Thursday we receive three skids of magazines. U.S. outsert arrives via Fed Ex in the afternoon. We make a sample package and weigh in grams, including all of the outserts. The customer supplied addresses are processed through our address validity software.

We then inkjet the addresses on a top sheet provided by the customer. Along with the addresses, all of the codes as required by Canada Post are also inkjet as part of the address. Next, we polybag all of the items including the top sheet. Once polybagged, the bundles are made and put in mailing bags. Every bundle and the bags are assigned a number generated by the our software. All of the bags are put in large steel bins and shipped to Canada Post via truck.

Friday morning we submit the report to Canada Post via the Internet. This tells Canada Post how many magazines are being shipped, how many bundles and bags, who pays the postage and when the shipment will be dropped off at the depot. Once Canada Post has validated all of the information, they send us a confirmation via the Internet. The truck carrying the shipment of the magazines is given the confirmation of Canada Post for the dropoff of the shipment.

Friday afternoon the truck picks up the shipment and delivers to the Canada Post depot in Toronto. The circulation manager gets the copy of confirmation via fax. Canada Post will send the postage invoice directly to our client.

This particular mailing is done under the category of Publication Mail Letter Carrier Presort (LCP).

Our proven procedures maximize your Return On Investment and ensure a speedy and accurate mail delivery.

Your particular mailing may or may not be similar to the one above – one thing your mailing will have in common is the fact that no matter what you desire, Micro Mailing Canada will do its best to accommodate you – contact one of our Customer Service Representatives today.

Direct Mail Distribution & Fulfillment Case Study
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Direct Mail Distribution & Fulfillment Case Study
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