Each item in an Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) mailing must have the same size, shape, type of envelope and physical characteristics and originate from one sender. Only the thickness, weight and colour of the exterior covers may vary. Both the address of the addressee and return address printing and location must be in accordance with addressing specifications.

If address labels are used, the address must be placed firmly on the envelope, plastic wrap, insert or card where it can be easily read. The address labels should be light in colour: white, pale yellow or beige. We use a high-quality glue on the labels so that they do not come off the item during mailing.

The return address may vary, provided that either the physical return address or the name of the person or business to which items are to be returned remains constant on each item.

Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) Tips:
Return address(es) must be located either:

  • on the same side of the item as the delivery address, in the upper left-hand corner (preferred location); or
  • on the back of the item, near the top edge and centered between the left and right edges.

If a return address is used, it must be Canadian. Dual return addresses are also acceptable onPersonalized Mail (Addressed Admail) items as long as there is one Canadian return address. However, if either the Return to Sender or Address Correction service option is requested, there must be only one return address showing and it must be Canadian.

Addressing Standards

Every item in a mailing of Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) must be addressed to a specific individual or to a company name or to a non-personalized descriptor including Occupant or similar wording. Each item must include the complete address, including the valid postal code for that address.


We may only use Canada Post authorized postal indicia, logos, trademarks, or other markings under special Agreement with Canada Post. These markings must appear on the front of the mail item in an area specified by Canada Post. Designs likely to be mistaken for postage stamps, franking impressions, or service labels are not permitted on the address side of Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) items. Preprinted labels and endorsements must be directed to the addressee as an instruction related to the enclosure, and cannot in any way imply special handling, speed of delivery or other services by Canada Post.

Labels, endorsements and borders should not duplicate accepted and/or copyrighted names used by Canada Post.

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There are many restrictions for Personalized Mail (Addressed Admail) – we can help you avoid all the mistakes.

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