We are announcing a new feature of having the ability to add PURLs to your next direct mail campaign. PURLs have many benefits that will help take your direct mail campaign to the next level!

What are PURLs?

PURL stands for a personalized URL that is used in email and direct mail marketing campaigns. A postcard, letter, etc is sent to a recipient with a link that will take them to a personalized landing page that has been created specifically for them. The landing pages show whatever content you would like for the recipient to see based on your goal for the campaign. It is also responsive on all devices making sure you never miss out on a lead opportunity.

Why are they effective?

  • PURLs are effective because they give an individual appeal. Personalization has recently become the key to any successful marketing strategy.  Naturally, humans have the need of wanting to be acknowledged – building an emotional one-on-one connection with your customer, can cause your conversion rates to go through the roof! The landing pages allow you to deliver relevant content to your receiver, which generates customer satisfaction.
  • Some may think that conversion rates for a direct mail campaign can be hard to track. Even though that is not necessarily the case, PURLs make it very easy to track all activity and gather the information you need to keep your market growing.
  • A PURL gives you the ability to pre-qualify the lead to see how interested they are in your campaign.
  • You can gather additional information about who is opening the PURL and use the information to help target your next campaign better, giving you the ultimate power.
  • You can make your offline direct mail campaign go online which makes sharing to social media channels extremely easy.

Allow yourself to take your direct mail campaign to the next level with PURLs – a cost-effective, unique way to grab the attention of your receivers. Beat out your competition and get on a personalized level with your customers. We know all the addressing & labeling guidelines and have the most state-of-the-art equipment to help you get started.

Create your PURL Campaign with us!